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“Ignore it, scrap it, or fix it? “

Have you ever encountered the follow auto repair situation?

  • Should we spend another $5,000 to fix a vehicle that is only worth $4,000?
  • Should I just park the vehicle until I can save enough money to fix it?
  • I don’t have money to fix my car now, it doesn’t bother me keep driving a broken car anyway. I will try my luck keep driving it, and then see what will happen.
  • Should I sell my car which needed repair and use that money to buy another older used car with unknown problems and high mileage?

If a better vehicle cannot be bought for the same amount, and you don’t have enough money to fix your car now, come to us. We now offer an in-house financing with a GE Money’s credit card. Upon your credit approval; you can get 6 to 12 month with 0% interest (minimum monthly payments are required) when you spend $299 or more with us on any services and repairs.

$1200 sale on a 12-month Equal pay. Your monthly payment would be $100.00 ($1,200/12)

How our financing program works?

  1. Customer Completes Brief Application
  2. We submit application
  3. We complete your repair work
  4. Customer takes delivery of autos
  5. Customer received credit card in the mail within two weeks
  6. Customer receives monthly statement
  7. Customer makes any required minimum payment
  8. Customer can returns for repeat purchases

(other conditions might be applied, please call for detail)

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