Timing Belt Symptoms and Repair Tips

September 30, 2016 ,

An often-overlooked factor in maintaining your vehicle’s engine and even when purchasing a new or used vehicle, is the timing belt. The rubber-timing belt, sometimes a steel timing chain, is the part of your engine that synchronizes the rotation of your crankshaft and camshafts so that your engine’s valves will open and close properly. Because of the constant strain they’re under, they will also begin to wear out over time, which makes replacing them extremely important. Recognizing the signs that... Read More

How to Find Dependable Auto Repair in New Places

September 7, 2016

With all of the lifestyle changes you have to adjust to when moving to a new town, it can be easy to overlook something like auto maintenance and repair. If your vehicle isn’t notorious for having issues or needing work, it’s hard to take the time to look for a place before making the move. However, it can be much easier than you’d expect to find a dependable and quality auto repair shop in your new town. Here are some... Read More