Looking for an Audi Service in Portland?

Looking to get the best service possible for your Audi in Portland? There is a lot to think about especially if you do not know a whole lot about repair or service for your Audi. In fact, it probably means that you have a lot of trepidation even while thinking about finding a place to get service and/or repair for your vehicle. If you feel like you need help finding a provider then we can help you figure out who you should use. Just keep reading and you will find out what you should consider.

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Of course, one of the first things you should think about is the experience of the person who will be doing your repair. Unless you know the person personally then you probably want someone who is very knowledgeable about repairing your specific type of vehicle. In this case, we are talking about an Audi. It is true that any mechanic or tech can fix a vehicle but you have to keep in mind that we can all draw but not all of us can draw well. The same idea goes with servicing an Audi. A trained professional can do it and do it better than a normal person but someone who has experience can do it faster and better than those who do not have as much experience.

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Location is always a concern as well. We all would like to get a repair or service person nearby us. However, that is only sometimes a viable option. The use case that happens often is that the locations that are close are usually not well suited to the repairs that are needed. The techs and mechanics available are general and lack the experience and knowledge to do the job quickly. Again, all techs or mechanics can, usually, do any job. The difference comes in experience and know-how. Why does that matter to you if any tech or mechanic can do the job? The difference becomes apparent in the labor bill. The big secret no one likes to talk about is that mechanics and or techs have to research some vehicles so that they can complete the service. The extra time they spend researching ends up on your bill. In some cases, the cheap repair might become more costly because they cost more because of the amount of time it takes to research the project. A location that is near you may be close and it may look cheap but it might end up costing you more in the long run.

Availbility of Parts – How Long Does It Take to Get the Part

The other thing to keep in mind is that you have to ask yourself how far outside are you from the norm for the company. The farther are you outside of the normal vehicle they work on then the longer it will take. We mentioned the amount of time it takes to research a project above but we also have to mention that they also have to find a supplier for your part. If they do not order the part often and/or do not service your style of a vehicle often then it will be harder for them to find the part you need. The effect this has on you is that you do not get your vehicle back as quickly as could. It might not cost you extra upfront but if you do not have your vehicle for awhile and have to find other ways of getting around then you might want to consider getting a company that does work with your style of a vehicle all the time to speed up the process.


What is your Audi experience anyway?

You can find out more about our owner by clicking here. However, to make a long story short, he is German. He worked on racing motors for Porsche in Germany. He has worked for Mercedes. He has an appreciation and love for German-made vehicles. It carries over to the staff who have been working on German made vehicles since 2010. Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, if it is German then it has been in the shop. Ralf still can be found, at times, in the shop and he is more than willing to pull up his sleeves and get dirty if seems necessary. You cannot get more experience or passion than he supplies.

How do I contact you to set myself up with an appointment?

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