Brake Repair in Downtown Portland

If you have heard it once then you have heard it thousands of times. Any technician or mechanic worth their salt can work on any vehicle and by that logic, they can repair brakes on just about any four-wheeled vehicle made to travel over the streets and highways. However, what is actually true is that not every tech or mechanic is equally proficient because of specialties and knowledge. It is just like cooking. Many people can make spaghetti but only skilled people can make really good spaghetti. If you want your vehicle to run like to its best ability then you need to get an expert who understands your vehicle and knows the ins and outs of working on a car just like yours.

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How Lack of Specialization Effects Getting Parts For Your Vehicle and How Soon You Can Drive it Again

Even if a person could work on your vehicle then you have to consider if they actually know where to get the parts for your vehicle. We do not tend to think about this as consumers. We just assume that the repair shop has all the parts they need in the shop because that seems fairly logical. However, that is not the case. Many times, the part that you need for your vehicle has to be ordered and received. In fact, that is why your vehicle is not repaired the same day in most cases. A part is holding up the process because they do not have it on hand and it has to be ordered in for you. Luckily, you are not paying for this time but it also means that your vehicle is going to be sitting on their lot in Downtown Portland for a while. We all want to skip things like this because it is inconvenient. You could try to drive somewhere without a brake repair for your vehicle but you probably would not like not being able to stop.

How You End Up Paying for Your Tech’s Lack of Knowledge

The other thing you should keep in mind is that the experience of the tech or mechanic does affect the bottom line of the brake repair. WHy? The thing you do not see on your side of the counter is that you get charged for the amount of time that the tech or mechanic has to research your vehicle to make sure that they are doing the repair correctly. If that person does not have a lot of experience with your vehicle then it is going to take them a while to find the correct way to do the job. All that time ends up on the labor bill which you have to pay. Of course, that time is not segmented on the invoice so you may not even know that you were ever charged for this time. You pay for it regardless of whether or not you are aware of it.

What do you do?

The answer to this is that you deal with an auto shop that specializes in your vehicle. For example, if you have a Mercedes then you want to visit our shop because we have knowledgeable people. One of our techs enjoys working on Mercedes vehicles and has worked on them before most of the classic Mercedes vehicles were considered classics. In fact, we are great at anything that is German made. Now, contrast that with other shops in the area. They do not want to tell you what they specialize in because they want all the business. However, that means that they do not know your vehicle as intimately as we do Mercedes or other German vehicles like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, or Porsche.


How do I speak to someone who can schedule me in, please?

You can contact us by visiting 1025 SE 6th Ave. #B, Portland, OR 97124. You may also want to visit us at 503-238-01707.

What vehicles do you specialize in servicing?

We specialize in BMW, Mercedes, Volksawagen, BMW, Porsche, and Audi.