Finding VW Transmission Repair in Downtown Portland

Looking to get your Volkswagen transmission repaired in Downtown Portland? You have a lot of choices around you but not all of them are equal. The other thing to realize is that most of them are not going to tell you straight out what they specialize in and that makes your job much harder to figure out. Why do they do this? They do it because it allows them to be open to almost any vehicle that would come through the door. Of course, that means that you will have a harder time figuring out if they can deal with your vehicle and its specific needs. It is true that any tech or mechanic has the ability to fix any vehicle but that experience difference is always a concern.

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Experience always matters

We all know that getting a specialist is better and, frankly, a specialist can do things that a non-specialist cannot do. The experience and knowledge allows the tech or mechanic to work with systems faster and with more expertise than a regular tech or mechanic can. All of this equals less labor time. Why labor? Experience affects labor directly because a tech or mechanic has to discover how to work with the vehicle if they have not done it before. The time they spend researching how to work on the vehicle is the time that they will bill on the labor side. Of course, this is a lump sum so you do not even see the amount in the area of labor. Does this mean that the repair could cost more than getting it from a specialist if it takes a regular tech or mechanic to work on your vehicle? The answer is that it is possible. If you want to have an efficient repair that utilizes the least amount of time between research and repair then you should work with an experienced mechanic.

How parts into the equation when the experience of working on the vehicle is minimal

If you have a tech or mechanic who has never worked on a vehicle like a Volkswagen or a VW transmission then you have to consider how parts fit into the equation. However, what you can count is if they have not worked on the vehicle in the past then they are probably not going to know where to get the parts right away. They have to research that fact, and, unlike the previous labor situation, they do not charge for this time. The price to you is the amount of time that they spend looking for the part is the time that your car, truck, van, or whatever spends on the lot and you cannot drive it.


How do I contact you if I want to schedule an appointment?

If you want to schedule an appointment with us then you can call 503-238-1707 or you can visit us at 1025 SE 6th Ave. #B in Portland, OR 97124.

Wait, what do you specialize in at your shop?

We specialize in German vehicles. We have a great tech who works for us who has worked on Mercedes vehicles that are classics before they become classics. He has worked on all sorts of German vehicles in that same time period. You name it and he has worked on it. BMW’s, Porsches, Audi’s, and Volkswagens. You probably are not going to stump him with your vehicle because he has seen and fixed it all.