Fixing Low Oil Pressure in Downtown Portland, Oregon

Are you having trouble with your oil pressure? Not sure what to do about it? We have a very popular write-up about it that you can see by clicking here. How does that help you? It helps you by giving you some idea about what is going on with your vehicle. If we keep thinking along those same lines then we realize that what it might also give you is a little more piece of mind. The more we know about the vehicle and what is possibly happening to it the better. But, of course, that only goes so far. You may think you know what is going on with your vehicle but it always is better to know what is actually happening and having a plan of attack to deal with the problem.

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How about a DIY solution?

Could you DIY a solution? If you wanted to, then it probably could be an option but you have to factor in the amount of time it would take for you to learn what is necessary to take care of the problem. We are not talking about a couple hours and we might actually be talking about weeks of time. It could even be a year or more if you really want to know that you are doing it right. It is the reason that most people outsource their repairs. They do not have the time to do the repair themselves, the time needed to get the job done right, or even, at times, the interest in getting the knowledge necessary to do it correctly.

If you do decide to go with a repair shop then how do you tell them apart from each other. How will you make a choice between them if they all look the same? The answer of course that they all should not look the same if they are doing their job correctly. A truth is that every shop has different demographics around them and, therefore, should have different specialties based on the vehicles they see the most often. Every place you go is probably going to have a different concentration of vehicles around and that means they should have different capabilities when it comes to fixing your vehicle or your friend’s vehicle that is different than yours.

Why does that matter? A tech or mechanic is a tech or mechanic. What is the difference if they are properly trained to do the job?

It is true that any competently trained mechanic or tech can work on any vehicle but the difference is in the speed at which they can do it or the precision at which they can do the job. Just like anyone can spaghetti but trained and experienced cooks or chefs can make a meal that is noticeably better than that person’s output. If the person working on your vehicle does not work on your vehicle very often or never has at all before then they are going to have to figure out how to do it. We all know that the first time a person does anything is probably going to have mistakes. You can usually get around that by having someone around who has the experience but what if there is not anyone like that at the shop? They will have a better chance of doing it correctly upfront because they have the training and the knowledge or, at least, more than you have, and experience working on other vehicles. Yet, oil is not something you want to mess too much with because doing a bad job can injure the vehicle and, frankly, problems with the oil system could have effects on your health too. If the vehicle fails then you will have problems.

What do you do?

You work with a repair shop that tells you upfront who they work with a lot and what they specialize in from the get-go. If you are going to have to accept repairs from someone who may not have experience in repairing your vehicle before then you should, at least, know that is the case before you put your money down to have the repairs done. If you are educated about what is going on then that is much better than being in the dark and not knowing what is going on at all. Unfortunately, most repair companies would like to keep you in the dark because they think that makes more marketing sense.

Wait, did you say not saying what they specialize in is a marketing plus for them?

Yes. Most business owners think that telling you what they specialize in will make their share of the pie smaller. Why? They think that they should be everything to everyone to get as much business as possible. Of course, that does not help you as you need to know who you can work with when you need to fix your low oil pressure in Downtown Portland. If you want the best service, repair, with the fewest mistakes then you should work with a company who specializes in working with your vehicle.


What vehicles do you specialize in?

German Formula specializes in working on BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Audi. German Formula has been working on them since 1979 and has seen just about very permenation of those vehicles in that time period.

Where can I contact you to set up an appointment?

You can always stop by 1025 SE 6th Ave. #B Portland, OR 97124. If you are short on time then you can call 503-238-1707.