Does Expert Auto Repair Actually Exist in Downtown Portland?

Experience Is What You Are Really Looking For When You Look For An Expert

What you are really looking for when you are looking for expert auto repair in downtown Portland is someone who has a wide swath of skill, experience, and knowledge. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is and the reason that is true is that most businesses do not tell you what types of vehicles they specialize working on in their shops. It also means that most of the shops will look very similar to each other because, without knowledge of those specialties, then they are pretty much the same shops. We all know that they are not but they certainly are not helping the situation by not telling you who they are best suited to help.

Why Should You Care

Unfortunately, most people who run or own these shops think they should cater to everyone in hopes you will walk through the door. The truth is that any tech or mechanic on any vehicle but they cannot do it all equally. A person who has worked on your vehicle before is going to have an easier time working on it than someone who has not worked on it at all. The difference actually hits your bill as well. It is just hidden in the labor costs. What you cannot see is the amount of time the tech or mechanic had to use to research your specific problem. You may think that the cost of the repair is cheaper but, in reality, it might be more expensive. If the repair is done wrong and you have to come back in then it might be more expensive than anyone can calculate at the end of the repairs.

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What You Need to Do

You need to find an outfit that works on your vehicle often and knows what to do. Why? Again, every tech or mechanic can work on any vehicle but the difference is the experience and knowledge as we said before. However, there is another difference and that is where they get the part for the repair. If you go to an auto repair shop that does not work on your vehicle very often then you will likely meet someone who does not have an established line of parts they can call upon when it comes time. They have to find a place to buy the part. Contrary to what we wish the world of auto repair was like most shops do not have your part sitting in their shop for most cases. We might realize this when we are told but we all tend to forget this fact. If they have to find a place to buy the part and they have to wait till the part comes in then that is all time that your vehicle sits on the lot. Of course, this is not a fully terrible thing but it is the extra time your vehicle will be sitting on their lot and not a time where you could be using the vehicle to travel. You, of course, are not paying for this extra time but it is extra time you cannot get back because they were not properly set up to handle your vehicle.

Ok, So What Vehicles Does Your Shop Actually Specialize in Working on Anyway?

Our shop loves to see Mercedes vehicles. In fact, we are one of the only places in the city who has someone who is specialized in working on classic Mercedes vehicles. He was fixing Mercedes before many of the current classics became classical. He has a wide range of knowledge of current and older generations of Mercedes vehicles. He also has worked on all German vehicles. Audi’s, Porsches, BMW’s, you name it ad he has worked on it. Our owner also has a love and appreciation for the German style vehicles. He is actually from Germany and worked on Porsche racing motors and Mercedes. You can find out more about our owner by clicking here.

Ok, so how do I get in contact with you to schedule an appointment

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