Mercedes Benz Differential Problems in Downtown Portland, OR

The differential is a major part of what makes your vehicle able to drive like it does. It helps to translate the varying speeds that the wheels need in order to turn a corner. Your outer wheel has to travel farther and faster to make sure you take that turn smoothly. If the differential is not working correctly then that can feel very strange or downright be dangerous. Obviously, this is something that you want to be fixed as soon as possible. No one likes driving around with an unpredictable vehicle. If we want anything out of our vehicles then it is the performance of the vehicle and for that performance to be predictable so that we can make adjustments to the vehicle and not have to keep wondering when and if we are going to have problems in the future.

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All Mechanics or Techs Can Repair/Replace a Differential But Not All Techs or Mechanics are Equal

It may seem obvious but it is worth stating that the experience that a person has to work on vehicles from a manufacturer counts for a lot when it comes to fixing your vehicle. There are a lot of reasons why including how the systems work together and the quirks each manufacturer has when building their machines. Sure, you could get any mechanic or tech to work on your vehicle but the time it takes them to figure out how to do something or they have to research how to do something when working on your vehicle all ends up on your invoice and you have to pay it. All in all, we would all have to agree that we would dislike paying to be someone’s guinea pig when it comes to working on our vehicle. We would all much rather prefer that someone skilled, or at least, be overwatched by someone who is skilled when working on our vehicles. We all want the job done right the first time and, to be honest, that is not what you get all the time. Why? It is because most repair shops do not mention what they are skilled or specialized in working on because they are afraid of alienating the rest of the marketplace. If you walk into one of these places and ask if they work on your vehicle then you probably get an answer that is yes. But the tech or mechanic who is assigned the job has to research the job and that time does end up on your invoice all without you knowing about it. There is no line item description of what is happening. You just spent extra money without knowing about it. Worst of all, your vehicle might be “fixed” but some of the finer quirks of working on a vehicle might be missed like, “I should move this part this far because this part will rub against it and cause problems later.” You only really learn that kind of thing through experience.

What you want is an experienced tech or mechanic to work on your vehicle, period. The best thing you can do is to ask what kinds of vehicles a shop sees often or what the shop specializes in, or both. You can get a good feel if they should be working on your vehicle or not or if they have to spend time figuring out how to work on your vehicle and finding suppliers that can get the parts they need to fix your vehicle. If you want to get the job done right the first time without having to come back over and over to get the same problem fixed and spending extra money then the best bet is a shop that deals with your vehicle all the time. If it needs a part then they know exactly where to go to get it. If it needs some kind of repair then it is handled by someone who understands how to fix the vehicle.


Ok, so what do you specialize in working on anyway?

We specialize in working on German vehicles. The ones we excel at are Volkswagens and Mercedes vehicles. Our Mercedes tech has worked on several of the classic Mercedes vehicles before they were classic vehicles. He has seen every type of Mercedes up to the most current crop. You would be hard-pressed to find a person more experienced or more knowledgeable about the line than him.

How do I get in contact with you to schedule an appointment?

You can call 503-238-1707. You can also visit us at 1025 SE 6th Ave. #B in downtown Portland, OR 97124.