Where Do I Get a Mercedes-Benz B Service in Portland?

Where can I get a service B?

Just about anywhere that services Mercedes Benz vehicles. Call ahead and ask and you will get a reply.

When should I get my B service?

Typically, people get their B service around 20,000 miles. The latest they get it is one year after the most recent service. Your Flexible Service Indicator System will know and will let you know.

Stop talking… Just tell me how I can contact you to work with you.

Click here and use the information to get a hold of us or call 503-238-1707.

What is the Flexible Service System?

It is a system that lets you know that you should go in for certain services such as the B service. It will, typically, let you know how overdue you are for services as well. It can be very helpful but some people do not like the reminders.

What about services about my B service? How do they work out?

The system usually reminds you around 20,000 miles or somewhere in the range of 2 years. Keep in mind this is for models that are 2009 or newer. Of course, you can always talk to a service advisor to see how on track you are with the necessary services.

What kinds of things can I expect to happen when I bring my Mercedes in for this B service?

  • You can expect a brake component inspection.
  • You will have your brake fluid exchanged.
  • Your tires will be checked for inflation levels and for correction.
  • The fluids in your vehicle will be inspected and corrected if necessary based on recommended levels for your year and model.
  • Your oil filter will be replaced.
  • You will also have your cabin dust/combination filter replaced.
  • You will also have your synthetic motor oil replaced.
  • Your maintenance counter will also be reset so that you do not have to be reminded of a service you have already had.

FAQ’s About Us:

How can I talk to someone so I can get myself scheduled in?

You can visit us at 100 NE 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97232. You can also call us at 503-238-1707.

Mercedes-Benz B Services adheres to all required elements listed by model year and specific model as indicated on the corresponding service sheet for Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Systems in the USA.